About us

Crafts + Butik (boutique in Swedish) = Craftsbutik

Craftsbutik is an online store sourcing handmade products from independent artisans around the world. If you are looking for unique and one-of-a-kind products, Craftsbutik is the place for you. 

We believe in social empowerment and sustainability. All our products are either made by recycled & upcycled materials or designed and crafted manually by artisans from Africa to Asia to the Nordics. You cannot find the exact same piece anywhere else; once a piece is sold, it's irreplaceable.

Thank you for your support to empower independent artisans around the world. 

We are constantly on the search to partner with like-minded artisan. If you would like to include your products on Craftsbutik, please contact us at info@craftsbutik.com.

Enjoy the craftsmanship, share the appreciation of the soul found in handmade products.  

"It is fairy dust and wanderlust that guide our hands to create what our hearts desire" - Gayle Wray



Founder & CEO