Empowering the society: meet the team behind our upcycled bags

While deciding to reduce, reuse and recycle is good and should be done whenever possible, upcycling is one big step further. Upcycled products take old or “used” items and turn them into a higher quality product. This is what Craftsbutik strongly supports!

Our handmade bags and wallets are made from recycled leather from old jackets, while the buttons, zips and buckles are sourced from mitumba, secondhand clothes. 

Meet Nyakundi, one of the sewing experts in Nairobi, working on his trusted sewing machine creating another masterpiece made from recycled scrap pieces.

Meet Odhiambo, a straight-stitching, soft-spoken master tailor.

All our bags are unique and handmade from upcycled materials with great attention to detail: from painstakingly opening and cleaning the leather jackets to perfecting prototypes and storing materials. Offcuts of leather are neatly folded and pieces of leather too small to be used for larger bags are made into coin purses.