Empowering the society; local artisans in Ecuador

The tagua nut is a sustainable and renewable seed growing on palm trees in the tropical rainforest of South America. Our tagua jewellery are made by a family, with the help of the local community, based outside Quito, Ecuador.

Tagua nut palm tree rainforest

It is a long process to create the tagua jewellery. The seeds are collected when falling to the ground, then dried for a few months to harden.

Tagua nut

Once hard each seed is sorted based on size and shape to form the most suitable design. Then the artisan creates the individual shape in their natural white colour. 

Tagua nut handmade red vegetable dye

The various colours are created using vegetable dye. First they are boiled in various pots, then tumbled, dried and polished. Then it's time for the final assembly and a truly unique piece of jewellery is ready.