Handmade Santa, magnet, blue cap, white beard
Handmade Santa, magnet, red cap, grey curly beard
Handmade Santa, magnet, grey cap, grey curly beard

Handmade Santa magnet

Santa’s beard is made from ecological Swedish (curly) or Icelandic (straight) sheepskin. The base is made from wood, while the nose is made from clay. A magnet is attached at the back. The cap is bendable with a steel wire to form a hook to let Santa dangle from non-magnetic items. Brush the beard once in a while to keep Santa happy.

Body size: 20cm tall, 5cm wide

Beard size: around 7cm wide and up to 15cm long

Weight: 20g


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    This is a handcrafted product from natural materials, any irregularities of colour or texture are part and parcel of making this such a unique piece.