Japanese pottery spoon round handmade
Japanese pottery spoon handmade round back

Spoon (Round)

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Handmade Japanese spoon, perfect for adding a little bit of flavour to your food, be it sambal, wasabi or sugar and salt.

  • Each piece takes several weeks to create by our Japanese ceramicist
  • Firstly, the clay is hand-shaped and placed to dry for upto two weeks
  • Soft clay is then fired once in an electric kiln to produce hard ceramic
  • Afterwards the ceramic would be painted with glaze
  • It would be fired a second time in the kiln to provide the unique colour and shine
  • The final piece reflects the ceramicist's unique point of view
  • Dimensions: 11(L) x 2(W) cm


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    This is a handcrafted product from natural materials, any irregularities of colour or texture are part and parcel of making this such a unique piece.